Artist's Favorites

Reese Robert is Hollywood's best kept secret but we have makeup artist's willing to talk. Some of the best makeup artist in the industry are using Reese Robert lashes on their top clients.

Jamie Harper - Makeup Artists

"I love the lashes! When I put them on, I feel confident and sexy, that is why I started using them on clients. I use Poison, there is something about the fit that makes them perfect."

Melanie Ingessis - Makeup Artist

"Reese Robert eyelashes in One Hot Mama are the perfect finishing touch. The strip lashes add volume length and sexiness to a modern cat eye effect. I always prefer cutting the strip in three pieces, making it more flexible and easier to apply."

Cybele Parsignault - Makeup Artist & Blogger

"I feel like Reese Robert's false eyelashes were made specifically for the curve of my lids as I don't find I need to do a lot of adjusting once I apply them. And at $9 a pair, they are really affordable."


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